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The subject of the multi-media exhibition, TzinTzunTzan, el lugar de los colibríes -- otra vez / TzinTzunTzan, place of the hummingbirds - again, at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Alfredo Zalce (MACAZ), in Morelia was the hummingbird habitat restoration project at Mexico’s national archaeological site, Tzintzuntzan.   (See Tzintzunzan hummingbird habitat restoration web-page under WORKS.)  Both evocative and didactic, occupying the museum’s entire first floor, the exhibit’s more than 60 components included sound installations and two videos, as well as (see just below)  perspective drawings, planting designs, and charts on birds and plants.  The exhibition video (see link below) conveys ambience and elements most effectively.
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Top images,  based on a traditional Mexican folk art, these papel picado depict Tzintzuntzan when the hummingbirds have returned.  The middle image ashows the papel picado on the museum’s exterior at night; the other two show the interior papel picado, made of a special film whose reflective qualities suggest hummingbirds evanescence.  Images directly above are from the video,  los colibríes de México: natura y cultura / hummingbirds of Mexico: nature & culture (11:07 minutes) alternates, fades and overlays depictions of hummingbirds in Mexican art and craft with footage of actual moving hummingbirds.  Its composition highlights the artists' sensitivity to the birds' characteristic features, postures and movements, thus reinforcing the nature/culture connection that underlies the Tzintzuntzan landscape habitat restoration.     
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LISTEN+LOOK: Exhibition Video, MACAZ, February, 2015
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