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At the invitation of the Michoacán director of the Insitutio National de Antropología e Historia (INAH) the national bureau administering Mexico's archaeological sites, the exhibition, TzinTzunTzan, el lugar de los colibríes -- otra vez / TzinTzunTzan, place of the hummingbirds - again was installed at  the Tzintzuntzan National Archaeological site.  (See and read more and find video link in the Exhibition: Museo de Arte Contemporáneo-Alfredo Zalce website page under WORKS.)  Given the site’s facilities and, their sizes and configuration, while most of elements from the exhibit’s first venue were included; some of their relationships changed, some were omitted and some, such as the analysis at the bottom of this page, were added.  Having the exhibit at the site with which it is concerned lent the landscape habitat restoration project particular urgency.  
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